by Mother Brain

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released December 31, 2010



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Mother Brain

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Track Name: Cocksucker (of the free world)
cocksucker of the free world
youre a politician
youre a fucking pig
cocksucker of the free world
every word you say
is a bold face lie
in the name of monetary profit.
you make a living lying to the world
while our people are dying for your words
you fit 1000 cocks into your mouth
to make some money thats what youre about
you swallowed cum
snowballed america
drink of the blood of our people
rainbow kiss us all
Track Name: Big Rig
black is the blood
of our nation
western civilization
all doped up
convulsing in withdrawal
its the prime agenda
to quench your thirst for gasoline
make it taste so good
suspend you in dependancy
drill it deep
make it cheap
set your price
feed the vice
what they say
we will pay
break away?
that'll be the day
the crutch of all
enslave mankind
born in gasoline
crack baby
all we know
crude black blood
in these veins
Track Name: malt liquor kicker
stop at the bodega
grab some old e's and a dutch
i could grab some beers
i just wanna get fucked up
ill do the st ides stride
ride the colt 45
when im down on my luck
wanna get fucked up
im 3 dollars on my way to saying fuck the rest of today
Track Name: Death Bed
every day in my life is a struggle
i just cant seem to get ahead
every morning is an uphill battle
i just want to stay in fucking bed
ill close my eyes to the waking world
i dont want to wake up
i just want to sleep all day
sleep my life away
why would wake up and face the day when i could sleep all day?
if it wasnt for eating shitting pissing might as well die
if death is like sleeping
then i just want to die
fuck the waking world
insomnias hell
if i were to take my own life
id hope it to be like a refreshing goodnight
Track Name: Rosebud
i have respect for you
as a person
youre beautiful inside
and by inside, i mean your fucking pussy
its so wet and juicy
sit on my face
ass to mouth
nectar of the gods
you want to save yourself
for the right guy
for your health
when im the man for the fucking job
i will lick that shit until she cums
ill slam the salmon
ill hit the clit till she cums
ill go to town on the brown till you shit on my face
i love you for your pussy
you love me for my D
even though youre not that smart
its good enough for me
they say to stick to what you know best
so just come over for sex
Track Name: Hash Wednesday
an institution of misguidance through fear
from the beginning of time
the roman catholic conspiracy
to prect the secrets of god
from the judgement of man
the thing you dont know about god
is that he fucks little boys
in the ass
vow of celibacy
is just a farce so you cant see
the hand that leads the flock
in his pocket stroking his cock
the lips that lick in lust
of little boys
spreading the word of god
the word of sodomy


the exploitation of god as an idea to control our race
living tax exempt
off the prayers of millions
Track Name: Reliable Friend
slowly creeping over me
feeling of familiarity
its in control of my life
and i fucking need it
and it needs me
but i need it like a whole in my head
so live it up
never let it live you down
party hard
gimme some fuckin drugs
this could be you too
this is how i live my life
the life i lead
Track Name: Saturating the Infant Mind
born into bondage
bound by measure of thought
limitless the mind of
the virgin youth
to be condition into complacency
a world that is
set it stone
born into a world of shit will turn you to a fucking pig ignorant to the human design
we dont know where were going and we dont know where weve been but we got it figured out just fine
mind camp for the damaged youth
feeds them programs
slipping through the cracks of generations
the truth is gone
born into a world of fucking shit
saturating the infant mind
Track Name: Process of Extinction
the stench
filling your nose
there is no power
that can save us
no god
there is no sun
left in our sky
just look around
youll see why
the process of extinction
will be slow
and painful
were gonna watch it every step of the way
mankind helpless to stop it
and were gonna watch the earth fucking rot
every step of the way
god is dead
so are we
do the right thing
put a bullet in your head